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The Black Butte Copper Project & Exploration 3D Animation Video

Tintina presents: The Black Butte Copper Project - Working Together

Trailer - The Black Butte Copper Project - Working Together

Montana TEDx Bozeman Talk - Geochemical consultant, Dr. Lisa Kirk, recently participated in a TEDx event at Bozeman MT. In her presentation, she talks about the importance of 21st century technology.

“We can no longer indulge in last century “either/or” thinking. We need to work together to develop “and” solutions to the sustainable production of materials and clean water.”

At Tintina Resources, we believe that our modern mining methods and 21st century technology can help Montana to be a part oftomorrow’s successful “and” solutions.

Watch the full video HERE

Dr. Lisa Kirk is Principal Geochemist and President/owner of Enviromin, Inc., a consulting practice located in Bozeman, MT.