Core Policies

Environment - Sandfire Resources America Inc. is committed to being a responsible custodians of the environments and communities that we and operate within. View more

Health and Well Being - At Sandfire Resources America Inc. we believe health and safety is fundamental to our business and our people. Our commitment is to provide a safe and healthy work environment where all individuals must be fit for work. The wellbeing of employees, contactors and visitors is a foundation for everything we do. View more

Occupational Health and Safety - At Sandfire Resources America Inc. we believe that a safe workplace and the wellbeing of our employees, contactors and visitors is fundamental to the success of our business.Our commitment to achieving superior health and safety performance and investing in health and safety management is at the forefront of our business values and strategies. View more

Stakeholder Engagement - At Sandfire Resources America Inc. we believe that our social license to operate is a key element of a successful business and that effective and transparent stakeholder engagement is paramount to the maintenance of that license. Our commitment is to engage openly and authentically with all stakeholders to develop open, co-operative, and mutually supportive relationships. View more

EEO Anti-Discrimination - Sandfire America Resources Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying and upholding relevant laws. View more